Qroftpack #7

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This package contains the following 5 plastic paper Qrofties:

Dirty Duck is the perfect print to work as bookmark for your 50 shades of Grey book! Or hand it out to someone that does not clean up his room, to make clear that he/she is dirty.
Ice Ice Baby print that can be used to ask someone for an invitation. Or an 80s party. Depends on your point of view.
I fucking love you out there on the roads that lead to nowhere, this print can be used as gift to someone you love, showing that you don’t care how long the ride takes: you’ll follow it up to your heart.
Good morning, have a nice day to be used on mirrors or your nightdesk lampshade and start the day positive.
Death to hipsters design having a moustache that can be cut out and make clear that you don’t like moustaches nor movember nor hipsters.
+ 1 surprise Qroftie.

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Weight 40 g
Dimensions 55 x 85 x 1 mm