Qroftpack #6

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This package contains the following 5 plastic paper Qrofties:

Chaos an incredible design if you use it on a lampshade! Without light or a bright background the colors look dark, but as soon as you turn on the lights or use it on a brighter background, the chaotic swirls look like neon.
10 by Pexels to be used as a gift for the 10th aniversary of whatever.
Hello by Qroft that can be used on a door to greet visitors or simply for singles to greet themselves in the morning while looking into the mirror.
Harddisk by Pexels to be used on boxes or archives where you keep your computer stuff like… well… ehm…. manuals !? Yeah, MANUALS! RTFM!
Do good work design to be put at your work so that you can motivate yourself!
+ 1 surprise Qroftie.

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Weight 40 g
Dimensions 55 x 85 x 1 mm