Qroftpack #5

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This package contains the following 5 plastic paper Qrofties:

Fuck Luck on a wood texture photo shot by Gratisography that you can carry with you to always remember that it’s action and not luck that makes you move on.
Karate Kid that can be used on archives or boxes where you collect your action figures or anything related to a martial arts sports you do.
Mrs. Always Right to remember others that YOU are the one with the last word. Always. Ever. Forever ever.
You can’t have a rainbow without rain as tool to remember you that even the most beautiful things have their dark past too.
Dawg design that can be used on a box or archive where you collect anything related to your dog.
+ 1 surprise Qroftie.

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Weight 40 g
Dimensions 55 x 85 x 1 mm