Qroftpack #3

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This package contains the following 5 plastic paper Qrofties:

Home is where your heart is to make you remember to not always seek something better when the best is right in front of you.
Infinity Pool as a Qroftie perfect to use on archives where you collect your vaction stuff or simply as bookmark to dream of places you want to travel to.
Headphones to be used on boxes or archives where you organize or collect your music stuff.
Hair up to remember you that it does not matter how much you force something to stay on top if everything that goes up someday will go back down.
Will kill for coffee can be used to be given to someone that you would love to go out for a coffee-date with.
+ 1 surprise Qroftie.

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Weight 40 g
Dimensions 55 x 85 x 1 mm